Will Rug Pulls Ever Cease In Crypto?

News, Opinion | December 16, 2021 By:

You could have a rough sense of what a ‘Rug Pull’ entails if you consider the term itself. Imagine if you were standing on a rug or carpet and it suddenly shifted out of your way. Cryptocurrency rug pulling is a theft method in which the creators of a crypto project take all of the liquidity from their project,


India’s Crypto Regulation Would Deter Mainstream Adoption

News, Opinion, Regulation | December 3, 2021 By:

According to recent reports, the government of India could be set to take serious action against cryptocurrencies. Moreover, under this framework, the Indian government could require digital coins to be pre-approved before they are listed or traded publicly. While the establishment of a regulatory framework for these burgeoning assets is an important step,