SMART MONEY: Resilient Hope, A U.S. Perspective On Digital Assets

News, Opinion, Regulation | January 21, 2021 By:

The mounting pressure to regulate the use of digital assets in capital raising transactions is partly due to reforms in other countries that explicitly provide legal structures for digital asset offerings. Because the U.S. has enacted no such measures, both domestic and international entities have been left without a clear roadmap for compliant digital asset fundraising in America.


Beyond Aesthetics: How Cryptocurrency Exchanges Can Go The Distance

News | January 14, 2021 By:

On Wednesday 7 January 2021, Bitcoin’s price crossed $40,000 for the first time. Since mainstream giants Visa and PayPal entered the space throughout 2020, cryptocurrencies have been, and look set to continue booming.

In the U.S, crypto exchanges made a staggering $ 1 billion in trading fee revenue in 2019 and the crypto space shows little sign of slowing down,


The Advantages Of Blockchain Over Traditional Payments

News | October 23, 2020 By:

E-commerce is expected to surpass $4.6 trillion globally by 2022, with the seamless experience of e-wallets boosting its popularity. The simplicity of services like PayPal and Stripe has helped to improve customer experience while giving merchants easy access to new markets.

Blockchain-based solutions represent the next logical evolution of this trend.


Startups Are Now Choosing FinTech Over Traditional Banks For Personal Finance

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Starting up a new business means that an individual has to cross several obstacles before the business can actually reach stability, break even and start realizing profits. From tough market competition to funding challenges, new business owners have to have tremendous ambition, grit and determination to handle it all.


Should Crypto Be Treated As Tech Stock?

News, Opinion | October 20, 2020 By:

Cryptocurrency is a hot topic. The stock values of these currencies, especially, are often debatable, since they fluctuate somewhat dramatically. However, a recent surge for Bitcoin’s value has experts and investors curious about how to treat these crypto stocks. Regarding them alongside tech companies like Apple and Google could be the way forward for the field.


Blockchain Can Transform Medical Tourism

Opinion, Regulation | October 14, 2020 By:

In the wake of rising blockchain popularity, the medical tourism industry is bound to be among the top beneficiaries. Dr. Prem Jagyasi, MD and medical tourism industry expert, believes that the distributed ledger technology is the answer to the key challenges facing the industry.

Medical tourism has seen exponential growth in the recent past,