eToro Exchange Creates Branded Crypto Wallet As Guy Hirsch Plans US Move

Blockchain, FinTech, News, Regulation | November 7, 2018 By:

Exchange platform eToro is rolling out its own branded crypto wallet in advance of the overall service’s US debut early next year. The eToro wallet is a mobile application available via Google Play and the Apple App Store.

The new wallet provides multi-signature security and gives users the ability to see their on-blockchain transactions and balances without the fear of losing their private key.


How a Small Hardware Company Pivoted Into A Blockchain Success Story

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We’ve all heard stories of startups that pivoted to follow market opportunities, but few have journeys with as many serendipitous turns and that took them as far from the original destination as Zikto, the company I co-founded.

In 2015 we were a hardware company that created a wearable walking coach called Arki.


Blockchain In The Retail Industry

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The retail industry is ripe for innovation. In fact, some think we will see more disruption in the next 10 years than we did in the past 1,000 years. One key area of innovation is the use of blockchain technology. While numerous articles have been written on the ways that blockchain technology can disrupt the retail industry by reducing transaction costs or increasing efficiency,


Permissionless Blockchain Could Save The Failing IBM/Maersk Project

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Blockchain makes sense when it enables people and entities that don’t know or trust each other to work together. Some of the private permissioned blockchain solutions, such as IBM’s Hyperledger, are criticized for giving up decentralization, censorship resistance, and trust when collaborating.

In short: when there is no incentive for parties to cheat,


Blockchain Investing For The Little Guy Is Republic Crypto’s Goal

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Ayesha Kiani is the managing director of Republic Crypto, an SEC-approved crowdfunding platform where non-accredited investors can invest in vetted blockchain startups. Republic Crypto is a token pre-sale platform for startups to raise capital. It aims to democratize blockchain investing by allowing non-accredited small investors to support the ventures,


Blockchain To Be Added To Tapatalk, Large Mobile Forum Platform

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BLOCK TRIBUNE: Your blockchain integration plans, one of your goals is to increase anonymity. What else?

SANJAY SABNANI:  Okay, let me try to explain what our blockchain integration plans are. Anonymity is already a condition of the network. Most people that are members of these online communities or forums tend to participate in a anonymous or pseudonymous fashion,


How Falling Crypto Prices are Good for the Space

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 The blockchain industry is at an important juncture. During the past two years, a nascent technology with a few fledgling use cases has erupted into a global phenomenon, attracting an estimated $28.4 billion in investment dollars, the covers of world-renowned publications, and significant mindshare amongst some of the world’s leading entrepreneurs and technologists.


Business Intelligence: Four Steps To Make Your Teams More Relevant

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The world of analytics is changing. Self-Service Analytical tools like Tableau, Qlik, and Power BI are enabling business users to perform reporting and analytics on their own with little to no support from the IT organization. This trend has evolved due to several factors including:

1)    Organizations are flooded with data and IT organizations are not able to keep up
2)    Easier to use Business Intelligence tools make it more efficient for business users to directly create their reports rather than go through IT for a project
3)    IT organizations analytical projects can take several months when a business needs this information in weeks

This trend has caused the efforts of IT Business Intelligence (BI) teams to spend most of their energy gathering,