Blockchain Brings Major Benefits To Payments Industry – TD Bank Survey Finds

Blockchain, News | February 7, 2019 By:

Blockchain technology will have some type of positive effect on the payments industry, according to a survey conducted by Toronto-Dominion Bank (TD Bank), one of Canada’s largest banks.

According to the survey, the risk of payments fraud/cybersecurity topped professionals’ list of concerns, with 44 percent naming it their top operational challenge,


Canada’s TD Bank Submits Blockchain Patent On Assets Tracker

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Toronto-Dominion Bank (TD Bank), one of Canada’s largest banks, has submitted a patent application to use a public blockchain to digitally track assets. The patent application, which was published last week, was submitted to the US patent office in September 2016.

The blockchain patent is for “an apparatus for use in a digital asset tracking system that includes a storage device and a processor coupled to the storage device.” According to the application’s abstract,