Crypto’s (Unfortunate) Value During Wartime

News, Opinion, Regulation | March 17, 2022 By:

The Russian invasion into Ukraine sparked global outrage and a humanitarian disaster. It also marks the first major conflict to occur during the cryptocurrency age, and digital currencies quickly had a role to play on both sides of the war. Increased usage between these two countries at war will further drive personal adoption and encourage countries to enact rules and frameworks for cryptocurrency transactions.


Cripto247: The Ukrainian vip market that accepts bitcoin for carrots and tomatoes

Bitcoin Accepted In Ukrainian VIP Market For Carrots and Tomatoes

FinTech, Innovation, News | October 6, 2018 By:

Ukraine is taking its first steps towards the general adoption of cryptocurrencies by accepting payment with 13 digital currencies in one of the central markets in Kiev, the Ukrainian capital.

The transaction is carried out through Paytomat, an Estonian cryptocurrency payment processor, which is helping the adoption by facilitating the payment of goods and services with the most popular cryptocurrencies to merchants throughout Europe.


Crypto Tax Bill Proposed By Ukrainian Parliament

News, Regulation | September 18, 2018 By:

The Verkhovna Rada, the Ukrainian parliament, has proposed a bill that would tax residents’ crypto-related profits.

Initiated by 23 government officials, the tax bill proposes a 5 percent tax on profits that private individuals and corporate entities realize from trading their cryptocurrencies. The bill states that these profits must be reported separately from other forms of income.


Ukrainian Authorities Arrest Four Suspects Tied To Fake Crypto Exchanges

Crime, News | June 25, 2018 By:

Ukrainian authorities have arrested four individuals suspected of running six fraudulent crypto exchanges.

The suspects allegedly launched at least six crypto exchanges and lured users by promoting the exchanges with fake positive ratings and online reviews. The suspects reportedly asked the victims to transfer funds into digital wallets registered under forged identification documents through the fake trading sites.