Crypto Working Group Formed By Ukraine’s Financial Regulators

Investing, News, Regulation | January 12, 2018 By:

Ukraine’s financial regulators are forming a working group to look into cryptocurrency regulation. The announcement was made during a recently held meeting of the National Cybersecurity Coordination Center.

During the meeting, National Security and Defense Council chief Oleksandr Turchynov said that a lack of regulation around cryptocurrencies constitutes a threat to Ukraine’s economy and security.


Bitcoin Exchange Executive Kidnapped in Ukraine

Crime, News | December 29, 2017 By:

Pavel Lerner, the head of Analytics and Trading for UK-based bitcoin exchange EXMO, has reportedly been kidnapped in Ukraine.

According to local media reports, 40-year-old Lerner was kidnapped while leaving his office in Kiev’s Obolon district on December 26. He was dragged into a car by force and taken away to an unknown destination.


Propy Completes Real Estate Purchase on Blockchain

Announcements, Blockchain | October 2, 2017 By:

California-based blockchain startup Propy has announced its first real estate transaction on the ethereum public blockchain.

Propy is a peer-to-peer real estate exchange platform built on blockchain technology. The company is using the ethereum blockchain to allow brokers, buyers, sellers, and title agents/notaries to sign off on transactions within their existing legal frameworks.


Ukraine’s Justice Ministry Trials Blockchain-Based Auction

Blockchain, Innovation | September 8, 2017 By:

The Ministry of Justice of Ukraine has begun testing the use of blockchain technology to digitally auction seized assets. The trial is a part of a broader effort to enhance transparency in government transactions.

Deputy Minister Sergiy Petukhov said that the justice ministry has started using the technology for auctioning seized assets and plans to transfer state property and land registries to the platform by the end of the year.