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Tech Bureau Europe, Chronoswiss Partner On Crypto-Design Watches

Blockchain, News | November 26, 2018 By:

FinTech and cryptocurrency firm Tech Bureau Europe has created an online shop for the exclusive series of crypto-design watches by Swiss watch manufacturer Chronoswiss.

The online shop,, reportedly boasts a user-friendly design that tells the story of each of the five available crypto-design timepieces, which are dedicated to bitcoin, ethereum, Zaif, NEM and COMSA. The digital certificate for each crypto-themed watch, limited to just 101 pieces per crypto-theme, is recorded on the blockchain via a platform developed by anti-counterfeit company LuxTag.

“The platform will tag and track the watches and their ownership using a web & mobile application supported by blockchain technology,” Chronoswiss said. “LuxTag registered the watches on the NEM Blockchain recording their unique characteristics. Each watch is accompanied by a unique QR code and a simple set of instructions that allow the customer to access and claim the blockchain certificate representing the watch. From that, customers can track the history and verify the authenticity of the watches.”

Oliver Ebstein, Owner and CEO of Chronoswiss, said that the crypto-design timepieces combine the roots of traditional watchmaking expertise with the digital revolution of the new global currencies.

“Cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology are the future, which Chronoswiss is also actively following and supporting,” Ebstein said. “That is why we are proud to use blockchain as a marketing tool and a means of certifying our timepieces.”

“With Chronoswiss as our partner, we were able to successfully manifest our vision of five cryptocurrency-inspired luxury watches,” said Mathias Schmid of Tech Bureau Europe