Templum Markets, IPwe Team For Intellectual Property Marketplace

Announcements, FinTech, Innovation, Investing | January 26, 2019 By:

Templum Markets, LLC, a registered primary issuance and secondary trading platform for smart securities, and IPwe, Inc., a global patent transaction platform, have created a patent finance market for Fortune Global 500 and small to medium sized enterprises (SMEs).

The new financing framework will enable companies to finance their patented intellectual property, turning the hundreds of billions of dollars invested in obtaining and maintaining patents into a financeable asset class.

The patent finance offerings will target credit funds, family offices and other qualified investors who are familiar with IP, as well as those who are interested in exploring this non-correlated asset as an investment opportunity. For corporate finance executives evaluating equity, debt and hybrid finance opportunities, the offerings will provide a new way to unlock value.

IPwe laid the initial groundwork for this new asset class by developing the artificial intelligence and Hyperledger-based tools needed to identify, research, maintain and transact in patents.

Each offering will be conducted as a private placement and the securities issued will be assigned unique S&P CUSIP numbers. These securities will trade on Templum Market’s ATS once applicable SEC resale safe harbor provisions have been satisfied. This ongoing series of issuances will be offered exclusively to qualified institutional and accredited investors.

“This partnership marks a turning point for the vastly untapped value of patents,” said Vince Molinari, CEO of Templum Markets. “We look forward to working with IPwe to offer investors the opportunity to access this non-correlated asset class, giving them an opportunity for efficient private market secondary liquidity. Combining our respective expertise, we are able to start building what we believe will become a substantial market opportunity.”

“By partnering with Templum Markets, we are able to offer companies a new opportunity to obtain financing based on the significant investments they’ve made into their IP and the strength of their patent portfolio,” said Erich Spangenberg, CEO of IPwe. “Today, a very high percentage of companies’ balance sheets are intangibles and we think there are incredible macro and micro benefits that extend from bringing liquidity to the patent asset class. When you think of patent finance opportunities as an owner or investor, we want you to think of Templum Markets and IPwe.”

Templum Markets and IPwe anticipate their first patent-based financings will be brought to market in Q1 2019.