Terbium Labs partners with Skry to enhance digital currency security

FinTech | October 19, 2016 By:

Terbium Labs announced a partnership with Skry to provide insights to financial institutions, law enforcement and Bitcoin companies looking to detect fraud and investigate criminal activity conducted using products built on bitcoin and other blockchains.

“We are excited to work with Terbium Labs and enrich our platform with data from the dark web. Making Terbium Labs’ exceptional technology part of Skry’s blockchain intelligence platform will unlock unprecedented insights and provide critical information to our customers,” Fabio Federici, CEO of Skry said.

Combining big data, artificial intelligence, and blockchain, Skry’s end-to-end data platform addresses the transaction monitoring challenges facing the use of Bitcoin, providing powerful real-time intelligence, risk assessment, and forensic tools to investigate suspicious activity, identify legal and illegal entities, and adhere to regulatory compliance. Skry users will now benefit from the integration of data feeds from Terbium Labs’ dark web data intelligence system, Matchlight, to monitor appearances of bitcoin wallet addresses on the dark web in a private and secure manner.

Terbium Labs is a dark web data intelligence provider. Skry is a blockchain analytics and intelligence firm.