Tezos Backs Two Development Partners To Advance Its Code

Announcements, Blockchain, FinTech, News | May 15, 2018 By:

The Tezos Foundation is developing partnerships with OCaml Labs and IMDEA Software Institute to further maintain and advance the Tezos codebase and Tezos-related technologies. The Tezos Foundation is the fund disburser for Tezos, which raised $250 million in an ICO last year before struggles between the founders derailed its momentum.

In February of this year, the Tezos Foundation announced its support of the «Learn OCaml» project at Inria, theFrench National Institute for computer science and applied mathematics. To further its continuing goal of promoting the usage and knowledge of OCaml, the functional programming language used to implement Tezos, the Foundation is now partnering with OCaml Labs.

OCaml Labs is primarily based at the University of Cambridge Computer Laboratory, with a core staff, graduate students, academic visitors, and industrial collaborators. With the resources provided by the Foundation, OCaml Labs will improve the «Lwt» programming library. Lwt is frequently used by the OCaml community, particularly when it comes to portable threading.

In addition to its support of OCaml, the Tezos Foundation is also establishing a multi-year research, training, and
dissemination program with IMDEA Software Institute to address Tezos-related technologies. A non-profit
research foundation based in Madrid, Spain, IMDEA Software houses researchers in cryptography, computer security, formal verification, distributed systems, and programming languages.

IMDEA’s program will focus on the technology surrounding the Tezos cryptographic ledger and smart contracts,
which will help advance developments in privacy, correctness, robustness, and scalability. The Foundation will
also offer support to IMDEA’s Master’s/PhD program with the Technical University of Madrid to
provide additional focus and research on topics related to Tezos.