Tezos Foundation, One Of Largest ICOs, Sets Grantmaking Process For Developers

Announcements, Blockchain, FinTech, Innovation | July 13, 2018 By:

The Tezos Foundation has announced its first formal call for proposals for grants to develop its protocol and community. The blockchain company raised $250 million USD in an initial coin offering last summer, at the time the largest ICO fundraise ever, but since supplanted by EOS.

Tezos was prominently and temporarily derailed by a management dispute on the funds. It has since resolved its issues and is moving forward on development.

The grant process will begin in August and initially targets three areas:

  1. Research that furthers the Tezos protocol and related technologies (including premier research teams/labs, documentation, education, and training).
  2. Development of tools and applications to support the Tezos ecosystem.
  3. Efforts to strengthen and nurture the burgeoning Tezos community.

The open call for grants aims to strengthen the Tezos ecosystem, with a core mission is to support the Tezos protocol and its community. The non-profit Tezos Foundation provides material support to developers, scientists, backers, and enthusiasts in their efforts to fortify and innovate around the project.

Tezos has already committed funds to several projects along those lines. They include:

  • OCaml Software Foundation – expand education and training of the OCaml programming language through the “Learn OCaml” project at Inria, the French National Institute for computer science and applied mathematics.
  • Obsidian Systems – develop software solutions for baking on the Tezos network.
  • OCaml Labs – improve the “Lwt” programming library, a frequently used library in the OCaml community.
  • IMDEA Software Institute – establish a multi-year research, training, and dissemination program to address Tezos and related technologies.
  • Inria – continue cryptography, distributed systems, OCaml, and other research efforts; set up internal labs, staff full-time research teams, and strengthen involvement in the project.
  • Tarides – focus research efforts on packaging Tezos as a MirageOS unikernel, which will help participants establish nodes on the network in a more efficient and secure manner.
  • Cryptonomic – develop a graphical wallet that can be used to interact with the Tezos blockchain.
  • HackerOne – deploy and manage a bug bounty program to steadily improve the overall security of Tezos.
  • TezBox – undergo a complete audit to improve the safety and security of its wallet.

All applicants interested in applying for a grant will begin the process by introducing the project and its relationship to one of the three grantmaking categories listed above. After evaluating the original pool, Tezos will invite a selected group of prospective grantees to submit a full grant proposal, which will ultimately be reviewed on a monthly basis and voted on by the Tezos Foundation Board.

The public call will go out in August 2018, but more immediate consideration can be obtained by filling out this form.