THMiners launch 2 new cryptocurrency miners

Announcements | October 19, 2016 By:

THMiners Inc. has announced the launch of two powerful miners for leading cryptocurrencies bitcoin and litecoin.

The company has developed the miners—bitcoin miner 60/THs and litecoin miner 1200MH/s—to enable users to more easily process digital transactions and quickly monitor the release of new digital coins. Each miner retails at $3,000 and comes with all of the necessary equipment, including the control unit, cabling and casing, making it fast and easy to set up and operate.

“We are absolutely thrilled to launch these two new cryptocurrency miners and make them available to people located all around the world. Our top priority is to make sure our products allow users to make the most out of the digital currency revolution that continues to grow on a global level,” said David Treeman, CEO of THMiners.

Starting at a price of $3,000 USD, both miners come with the necessary operating equipment included, such as a control unit, cabling and casing.

Additionally, both machines have a 5-year extended warranty, which covers “any type of failures affecting [the] products,” according to a press release. Orders for these machines come with free shipping to anywhere in the world via UPS and FedEx.