Token Platform Desico Adds Marc Bernegger As Advisor

Job Appointments | October 10, 2018 By:

Tokenized securities company Desico has added entrepreneur and investor Marc Bernegger in an advisory role focusing on investor relations. 

Desico is a platform to issue and trade tokenized securities in full compliance with the law, operating under the Law of Crowdfunding for the Republic of Lithuania, which allows ICOs to issue tokenized securities to raise capital. The Paris company is currently fundraising.i

Bernegger is a web entrepreneur and FinTech investor. He is known for founding as well as Amiando, an organization promoting entrepreneurship and FinTech in Switzerland.

Bernegger has been an active investor in several startups and serves on the board of multiple companies. In 2013, he founded Finance 2.0, the first FinTech conference in Switzerland.[3][4] Currently, he is the owner of Bernegger Ventures; an investing firm established in 2007.[1] He was called one of the “100 most successful Swiss under the age of 40” by BILANZ magazine.[5] and one of “The 100 most influential technology investors in Europe” by Telegraph.[6]

“Desico is lowering the barrier to entry for businesses looking to crowdfund, without needing to spend millions of dollars to conduct an official IPO,” said Bernegger. “It takes the exuberance of the ICO market, and matches it with regulation and backing”.