Top Three Academic Institutions That Are Involved in Crypto

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Cryptocurrency is fast becoming the industry its founders always envisioned it could be – a way to speed international payments, a vehicle for everyday transactions, and a transformative means of funding and fueling new businesses and innovative ideas.

In order to keep this developing ecosystem healthy and supplied with new workers, academic institutions are increasingly adding new coursework to their offerings, hoping to lure the top scholars in the field and create its future leaders.

Below are the top three academic institutions we must pay attention to that are invested heavily into blockchain and will lead the next technological evolution in the next few years.

1. Stanford & Hoover institution

To the surprise of no one in the tech community, this Silicon Valley university is again on a short list of top institutions at the forefront of technological advancement. Stanford has invested heavily into the development of blockchain ecosystems both actively and as a result of actions of its graduates and dropouts. The university has welcomed several entrepreneurs, economists and developers from the blockchain community to educate on campus in a wide variety of topics encompassing everything from law, business, economics, and computer science. One such example is Balaji Srinivasan, former CEO of and CTO of Coinbase. Balaji has previously brought his cryptocurrency expertise back to Stanford and taught a course there. In addition to course offerings the university has created the Stanford Center for Blockchain Research in addition to hosting an annual Stanford Blockchain Conference. The Hoover Institute public policy think tank and research institution bridges additional real world and educational premises with crypto. Recently, Senior Fellow Niall Ferguson, and Manny Rincon-Cruz both of the Hoover Institute joined as advisors of Ampleforth.


2. MIT

At the top of any tech list, you are sure to see this Massachusetts University. After creating some of the finest minds in computer science and cryptography, MIT has put up courses from some of the top minds in blockchain tech. One such course comes from Lightning Network designer Tadge Dryja. Tadge’s course covers cryptocurrency engineering and design. MIT has also founded the Digital Currency Initiative where they encourage their brightest students to create and interact with blockchain technology.

In addition to their vast course offerings and resources, MIT has a secret weapon. That weapon is an army of cryptography experts, open source programs, hackathons, and graduates in nearly all tech fields. With this broad reaching network of experts, events, tools and curriculum, MIT is sure to be a leader in blockchain for the foreseeable future. It wouldn’t be a surprise to see them double down on their lead amongst higher education institutions when it comes to cryptography and blockchain.


3. University of California, Berkeley

Last, but not least by any stretch of the imagination, is Berkeley. In addition to having an element named after it, (technically, the city where the university is based) Berkeley is also leading the world in technology innovation. Amongst its vast course offerings on the topic of cryptocurrency, Berkeley is also partnering with Qualcomm and Airbus on a new blockchain initiative at the university. Located only 39 miles from technology rival Stanford, Berkeley also has access to a vast network of blockchain experts who teach at the university from time to time. As far as focus is concerned, Berkeley appears to be specializing in the regulation niche of blockchain education with course offerings such as “Blockchain, Cryptoeconomics, and the Future of Technology, Business and Law.” This has lead to a rise in business and law focused blockchain clubs on campus.

While Berkeley appears to be focusing more on the legal and business components of blockchain, it still goes without saying that the renowned engineering school also offers a myriad of courses on blockchain programming and development courses. Berkeley will continue to emerge a leader in blockchain technology and will likely become a school known for its blockchain law and business courses.