TradeStars To Launch IDO On BSC Pad and Zeroswap On May 4

Announcements, Blockchain, ICO News, News | May 3, 2021 By:

Blockchain-powered fantasy sports trading game TradeStars has announced that they will be launching their Initial DEX Offering (IDO) on May 4.

TradeStars takes Fantasy Sports to a next level by providing players with an exciting alternative to traditional Fantasy Sports / Sports Betting markets. By allowing users to trade and monetize fractional NFTs which represent real-life athletes, fans can use their knowledge to invest in specific sports stars, and see their value go up or down based on actual performance.

The IDO, which is currently open for whitelisting, will allow users to purchase TradeStars’ $TSX Token across BSC Pad and Zeroswap. To join the IDO, investors will need to complete the whitelisting process:

BSCPad Sale – 

  1. Acquire $BSCPAD tokens to participate in the upcoming IDO
  2. Make sure to hold enough tokens to meet the criteria for the tier and pool weight you want to achieve
  3. Claim your $TSX tokens after the sale completes

The ZeroSwap Sale – 

  1. Acquire and contribute $ZEE tokens to the staking module
  2. Apply for the IDO and claim a Proof of participation Ticket
  3. Winning Tickets will be Drawn, giving holders the chance to buy $TSX
  4. Claim your $TSX tokens after the sale concludes

“We are gamifying DeFi economic incentives with a fantasy stocks platform where users can express their passion for sports, compete against each other with true digital ownership, transparency, liquidity, and decentralization,” said TradeStars Founder and Tech Lead, Chris Hentschel.