Tron Adds David Labhart As First Compliance Chief

Job Appointments | January 11, 2019 By:

TRON Inc., has hired its first head of compliance in David Labhart, a finance-industry veteran and a former US Securities and Exchange Commission official.

“Joining TRON is the perfect progression in a career driven by a passion for the frontier of financial industry; where technology meets regulation,” Labhart said. “Blockchain and cryptocurrency are the next step in the evolution of the world’s financial system, and I’m excited about Justin [Sun]’s passion and long-term view of the benefits and potential impact of this new technology.”

Labhart will also serve as TRON’s co-general counsel, focusing on regulatory issues and responsible development of blockchain, peer-to-peer and other technologies, said Justin Sun, TRON founder and CEO.

“As the cryptocurrency space matures, investors and regulatory agencies around the world must trust that TRON has a forward-thinking and stable growth trajectory that doesn’t run afoul of any regulatory requirements,” Sun says.