Tron Arcade To Launch Blockchain Cuties Collectibles Game

Announcements, Innovation | December 25, 2018 By:

This Friday, Dec. 28, marks the official kickoff for TRON Arcade’s crypto collectible game, Blockchain Cuties, which uses significant strategic elements in its roll-the-dice battle mechanics.

The players get to breed unique Cuties and smart contracts are responsible for combining the Cuties’ genes. Each Cutie has its own unique attributes which come in handy in the furious battles against Raid Bosses and on adventures in the Magical Forest.

Here are some of the collectibles players will be using: 

Red Hedgehog

A unique hedgehog creature, its paws are bigger than any other hedgehog. Thus, its punch will throw a foe away from apparent victory. There were only 25 of these Red Hedgehogs available and they’ve sold out.


Hackerdog is a unique cutie that hacks its way through the world of cuties. As an IT inspired cutie, it has to learn and adapt to new things, it levels up faster than any other cutie already in the game. This cutie uses its hacking skills to beat raid bosses – it comes with initial bonus of +6 against raid bosses!  This is a limited edition cutie available only on pre-sale. Sold out

Full Hazard Suite

The world of Blockchain Cuties is a rather safe place for little cute cuties. Although there are plenty of dangerous adventures, that require the cutie to be well prepared. In order to defeat and be able to protect yourself, cuties have to be well equipped. This hazard suit serves as a fantastic tool against raid bosses, it is first of it’s kind with such a high bonus against raids. Metal casted crowbar is going to be a useful tool in your endeavors as well as the cute little alien crab! This is a limited edition item set available only on pre-sale. There are only 20 of these sets available.

Fairy Dragon

The developers swear that if you have a Fairy Dragon, and someone ever hurts you, your Fairy Dragon will confuse and bewilder your foes.This is a fantasy creature that can only be tamed by chosen TRX holders. These little Dragons have devoted hearts. There are only 50 of these Fairy Dragons available.


A unique mythical creature! It’s half bear and half bull. It’s a talisman that brings good luck and turns bear markets into bull runs. The market changer. Vicious and strong, it’s one of the strongest cuties in the Cutie world. Looks cute and at the same time can compete with other strong cuties like the ‘Alien’. There are only 10 of these Bear-o-Bulls available.

Tron Monk

A humble monk of the TRON order and master of the Iron Torso. He’s fast, strong and has impressive endurance. Monks are considered peaceful folk but, when there’s danger, Tron Monks are capable of protecting those in need. There are only 75 of these Tron Monks available.

Starter pack

The TRON starter pack provides users with a nice head start in the game. With the purchase of a starter pack, players are guaranteed to get a GEN0 regular Cutie at the launch of the TRON blockchain. This package contains 6 unique, random cuties. Breed them and create your own strong army of Cuties.