Trump Govt To Use Blockchain To Solve Israel-Palestinian Conflict

Blockchain, News | June 28, 2019 By:

Israeli blockchain startup Orbs is working with the Trump administration to develop blockchain solutions for the Israeli-Palestinian political conflict.

Orbs is a universal blockchain productivity layer that complements and scales base-layer protocols. With built-in interoperability features, Orbs empowers decentralized applications and businesses looking for a sustainable stacking solution. Orbs is a customizable public blockchain allowing flexibility for the ever-evolving needs of real businesses through blockchain virtualization that provides the benefits of a dedicated blockchain while running on top of a shared physical infrastructure.

CoinDesk reported that Orbs has been “working with the US Administration and the State Department… on several projects that are currently in stealth mode.” Orbs co-founder Netta Korin was reportedly invited to a summit in Bahrain to show how blockchain technology can solve some of the problems governments are facing in an efficient and transparent matter.

Korin, who called the Trump administratio’s approach “a paradigm shift,” said the economic aid to the Palestinian people will soon be based on investments, instead of the usual donations.

“The solutions that are being sought after will be innovative and game-changing,” Korin told CoinDesk.

The news came after the Trump administration rolled out the economic part of its new Israeli-Palestinian peace plan, which includes facilitating some $50 billion in socioeconomic development, with over $27 billion going to Gaza and the West Bank. The balance will go to Egypt, Jordan and Lebanon.