Tunisia to put national currency on a blockchain

FinTech | December 29, 2015 By:

Tunisia has just agreed to become the first nation to offer its national currency for transmittance through blockchain technology.

Monetas CEO Johann Gevers explains what Tunisian’s can expect from the Monetas system in 2016.

“The Monetas deployment in Tunisia is the first application for a full ecosystem of digital payments. With the La Poste Tunisienne Android application powered by Monetas, Tunisians can use their smartphones to make instant mobile money transfers, pay for goods and services online and in person, send remittance, pay salaries and bills, and manage official government identification documents,” said Gevers.

Tunisia already has a form of electronic fiat currency known as the eDinar in use through the Tunisian Post. 90% of the adults in Tunisia with a bank account have one through the Tunisian Post while over 3 million Tunisian adults have no banking relationship. The nation’s leaders in government and industry want to improve this, and the partnership with Monetas aims to bring all of the objectives together through the blockchain’s technology.