Two Partner for Mobile Data Trades

Announcements, Blockchain, FinTech, Innovation | July 17, 2017 By:

A new partnership that will allow trading and donations of mobile data has been launched.

Dent Wireless, a Hong Kong-based blockchain based mobile data exchange, and Aquto, a sponsored data and data rewards network, have joined forces to allow Tier-1 mobile operators to exchange Dent tokens for mobile data. This will allow for trading and donating through the Dent marketplace via iOS and Android devices.

“DENT’s use of cryptocurrency to sponsor users’ data plans is truly unique and could accelerate our common mission to democratize mobile internet data and make it more accessible for all,” said Susie Kim Riley, CEO and Founder of Aquto. “Connecting through Aquto’s platform unlocks some of the world’s leading carriers and will enable their customers to gain access to more mobile data, possibly the most vital and fungible commodity today.”

“This is also a big leap for carriers to be part of the new growth opportunity through new customer acquisition and higher data usage per customer, effectively optimizing network utilization,” said Tero Katajainen, CEO and Founder of DENT Wireless. “The connectivity offered by Aquto’s platform is a perfect match for the DENT marketplace and the beginning of a world wide mobile data liberation. We appreciate the significant investments Aquto has made to integrate with leading carriers, and signed this letter of intent in anticipation of greatly accelerating the adoption of DENTs in the mobile space.”

Boston-based Aquto works with Tier-1 operator deployments in the US, Europe and Asia. Aquto’s platform is integrated with AT&T, America Movil, Telefonica, and Verizon, among others. The company provides a way for app developers, advertisers and marketers to engage with users over mobile through zero-rated content/apps and data rewards.

Dent Wireless uses an ethereum blockchain exchange. The company launched a crowdsale on July 12 and claims it has sold over a billion Dent tokens to date.