Ukrainian Group seeks support for Ethereum blockchain-based election

Blockchain | February 17, 2016 By:

A group of Ukrainian officials committed to deploying blockchain-based voting known as E-Vox signed a memorandum late last week to support a blockchain-based voting system in Ukraine.

The E-Vox website notes a memorandum was signed by volunteers and organizations to give the world e-voting for fair and transparent decision making.

The list of signatories includes the head of the state agency for e-government, the Head of IT of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, an adviser to the president of Ukraine, a group of NGOs, and blockchain companies such as Ambisafe, Distributed Lab and KitSoft.

“The political actors participating in the negotiations and signing of the memorandum fuel our confidence that regulation won’t be an issue,” said Ambisafe CEO Andrey Zamovskiy.

The platform will first be tested with generally unregulated types of elections, such as petitions and advisory votes.