UniChange releases bitcoin debit cards

Announcements | February 3, 2016 By:

Unichange announced the launch of its bitcoin debit cards.

Unichange debit cards allow the users to spend their Bitcoin and Litecoin within a fiat payment system without first exchanging to fiat, then waiting for the balance to reflect on their debit cards. Instead, users will deposit Bitcoin into an account linked to the Unichange debit card, where the Bitcoin will be sold and exchange automatically whenever a charge is made to the card.

“There is no key to success. You just have to do your best. And only you can define your “best”. For example we are struggling hard to become the most efficient and universal service where everyone can find the solution for a problem. The way to our goal consists of providing high-quality services and keeping fees low.” said by Unichange.

UniChange is a Bitcoin exchange platform.