United Nations-Led NFT Climate Initiative Chooses Blockchain Partner

Announcements, Blockchain, News | August 3, 2021 By:

As part of its efforts to mitigate the effects of climate change, the United Nations designated 2021 as the year of ‘Creative Economy for Sustainable Development’ to highlight the value of creativity as a uniquely powerful resource in implementing and achieving the UN’s sustainable development goals.

Called DigitalArt4Climate, the initiative is aimed at accelerating the forces of creativity to empower robust climate action. Led by the UN-Habitat and IAAI GLOCHA, the DigitalArt4Climate initiative invites the world’s young artists to create art that will inspire people to challenge and mobilize the necessary resources for individuals to take climate action in the context of the Action for Climate Empowerment programme of the UNFCCC.

DigitalArt4Climate is a multi-stakeholder partnership initiative which uses NFTs to turn artwork into digital assets, which can be collected and traded. This initiative will help unlock unprecedented potential for resource mobilization in support of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals for 2030 through empowering climate action.

“To address the climate crisis, the United Nations understands the need to use any tool available to inspire people to commit to serious action on climate change,” said Miroslav Polzer, the founder and CEO of GLOCHA. “We believe that uniting digital innovations (IoT, data marketplaces, NFTs) with social innovations (new forms of multi-stakeholder cooperation) will lead to scalable and high participatory systems. We have found Unique Network’s innovative and flexible infrastructure to be the leading platform that will help us deliver high impact climate action. With this initiative we will drive the benefits of a society-wide mobilization of resources and people’s energies to make a sustainable world happen.”

In a press release, NFT platform Unique Network said that it has been selected as the lead tech partner for DigitalArt4Climate. Unique Network is an NFT Chain that is expanding the capabilities for non-fungible tokens through its more efficient and scalable proof-of-stake solution, currently built for the Kusama and Polkadot blockchain networks.

Unique Network will create and host DigitalArt4Climate’s NFT marketplace for artists and web designers to showcase their artwork. The marketplace will be built on Unique Network’s ready-to-use suite of NFT solutions that uses blockchain technology that is optimized for energy efficiency and low carbon impact.

“We are excited to demonstrate that the ethos of distributed ledger technologies and open data can be used to support change agents in identifying climate actions they can make,” said Alexander Mitrovich, CEO of Unique Network. “Unique Network is extremely proud to collaborate with key United Nations associated initiatives, the global body for challenging paradigms and ensuring equity for a just transition. We believe that the future of human expression will be through sustainable NFTs, and we are dedicated to showing the whole world how it can unite our disparate communities in the fight to save our planet.”