Blockchain’s Universal Reward Protocol Adds Three New Advisors

Job Appointments | July 27, 2018 By:

Universal Reward Protocol, a blockchain-based protocol that lets retailers reward shoppers for any type of shopping behavior, has added Samuel Baroukh, head of eBusiness at Nestlé France, Jeremy Bokobza, a leading blockchain professional and lead engineer at Stratis Platform, and François Poupard, former head of innovation at Auchan Retail, as advisors.

“Universal Reward Protocol has the potential to be a game changer for brands,” said Baroukh. “B2B2C Brands are having real trouble getting to know and touch their consumers since they have limited means of interaction with them. URP is offering a viable solution to that long-standing problem. URP will reshuffle the cards between retailers and brands.”

Baroukh is the head of eBusiness of Nestlé France, leveraging digital innovation as a source of business growth after spending three years at Procter & Gamble.  He joined Nestlé and was appointed to pilot Nestlé France’s  digital transformation across all brand portfolios only eight years after his arrival.  

“The retail technology space is ready for disruption, as brands need to understand and serve their consumer now more than ever before,” said Bokobza. “The blockchain technology that URP is creating will help brands to better understand the wants and needs of the consumer, personalize rewards programs for shoppers in a more efficient way, and improve the overall retail experience. I’m excited to be part of such an innovative team, and look forward to working with URP to revolutionize reward programs in a way that’s never been done before.”

Bokobza is a professional software developer with a thorough and extensive knowledge in Enterprise Application Integration technologies and architecture. In addition to joining URP as an advisor, Bokobza is currently part of Stratis Group Ltd’s team as a lead blockchain developer, focusing mainly on wallets and privacy tools. Additionally, he has a keen interest in both cybersecurity and privacy and has developed a series of workshops educating individuals and companies about safe behavior online to learn how to avoid being hacked. Prior, Bokobza co-created and developed various Android apps, online services, and a few open source projects. At URP, Bokobza will act as a key advisor for the team, as they move forward with the build of the blockchain-based universal retail rewards program.

“Thanks to Universal Reward Protocol, we will be able to truly personalize shoppers’ experience to meet their expectations,” said Poupard. “We will be able to reward consumers for sharing their data which we will use to make them offers that suit them perfectly. I have been collaborating with the founders of URP for three years and I’m convinced of their ability to build such a protocol technically and commercially, and deploy it worldwide.”

Poupard is the former head of innovation at Auchan Retail, and a member of the Mulliez Family (owners of Auchan group, the world’s 12th largest retailer and partner with Sun Art Retail). He brings with him years of experience in finding innovative solutions to propel retailers forward, especially in the competitive modern landscape. He will play an integral role in advising URP’s founders about ways that the company can use their blockchain technology to innovate and improve the way that retailers interact with and service consumers.

“With the launch of URP, we are excited to cultivate a team of experts and advisors in the blockchain and software space to help us build the next innovative technology solution in the retail space,” said Yves Benchimol, CEO and co-founder of URP. “By adding seasoned experts in the retail and blockchain industries to our advisory board, URP is preparing for further success and growth as we continue to work toward our goal of creating a new kind of reward program that benefits consumers and brands.”