Unocoin launches OTC marketplace

Investing | September 12, 2016 By:

Unocoin has announced that it is launching a bitcoin-OTC platform for high volume traders.

The OTC marketplace requires a minimum order of 25 BTC, and the platform will tailor match price points from references such as LocalBitcoins, Bitstamp, BTCXIndia, and Zebpay. Customers can place an order when the price is less than the price indexes by 100 INR. Following the request, Unocoin will contact the client to execute the order when it can honor the request.

“The OTC feature will come as a relief to traders who wished to trade Bitcoin in larger quantities and weren’t able to do so previously due to: 1) buy/sell limit or 2) low liquidity in Indian bitcoin exchanges. This was a service that more serious Indian bitcoin traders were lacking, until now,” said Unocoin co-founder and CFO Harish B V.

Unocoin is an India-based bitcoin wallet provider.