US Department Of Energy To Fund Blockchain Fossil Energy Research

Blockchain, News | January 10, 2019 By:

The US Department of Energy’s (DOE) Office of Fossil Energy (FE) has announced federal funding of up to $4.8 million for research and development projects at universities, including those related to emerging technologies such as blockchain.

The Office of Fossil Energy is responsible for research and development of programs involving coal, petroleum, and natural gas. It funds projects to reduce the risk and cost of advanced fossil energy technologies and further the sustainable use of the nation’s fossil resources.

The funding, which is part of FE’s University Training and Research initiative, aims to develop the next generation of science and engineering professionals in the fossil energy sector, and to increase the participation of under-represented students in research projects.

Projects under the initiative include training the next generation of scientists and engineers to fill critical fossil workforce gaps, advance innovative and fundamental research focused on coal-based, fossil energy resources, the development of early-stage technologies that increase the affordability of domestic energy resources, and improving electric grid reliability and resilience.

One of the four areas of interest is the AOI Cybersecure Sensors for Fossil Power Generation project, which will explore emerging technologies, such as blockchain and decentralized, peer-to-peer Internet protocols, that secure process signal data and other information flows within distributed sensor networks for fossil-based power generation systems.

The DOE said that it anticipates selecting up to 12 projects from this funding opportunity announcement (FOA).