Vertalo, Issuance Partner For Deal Flow On Digital Assets Securities

FinTech, Investing | December 15, 2018 By:

Issuance, Inc., a deal marketing platform that matches and connects digital securities issuers with prospective investors, has partnered with Vertalo, a communications, compliance, and cap table platform for digital asset securities (digital securities). 

The partnership focuses on compliance and cap table technology in the digital securities market, and will provide increased deal flow to both organizations.

“Digital securities issuers and investors are demanding better tools and transparency for their issuances, investor relations, and cap tables,” said Darren Marble, CEO of Issuance. “We’ve passed the point where issuers can throw up a dashboard for investors and manage their offerings via spreadsheets. Our partnership with Vertalo will give our clients the compliance, communications, and cap table tools that tie together initial investment with secondary trading.”

 Vertalo offers a self-serve, white-labeled SaaS solution for issuer compliance and cap tables which is compatible with major issuance platforms, KYC/AML services, ATS’s, and Exchanges. Vertalo assists broker-dealers and issuers, from issuance to secondary trading, by placing digital securities ownership and investor eligibility on-chain. This significantly reduces the time and expense associated with initial purchase and secondary trading for both issuers and investors.

 As digital securities issuers and investors deepen their understanding of the difference between ICOs and STOs, Vertalo continues to add more partners and issuers to its platform. “Vertalo is not an ‘end-to-end’ solution,” said Dave Hendricks, CEO of Vertalo. “Rather, we complement service providers in the digital securities community, enabling them to do what they do best – whether that is issue tokens, raise or custody funds, or manage secondary trading of tokens. By connecting with service providers, and placing proof of ownership and trade eligibility in the wallets of investors, Vertalo delivers on the promise of decentralization for issuers and investors in digital securities while enabling compliance with securities laws and disclosure requirements.”  

Issuance offers advisory and marketing services to digital securities issuers who seek direct access to institutional investors and crypto hedge funds. “We have trusted relationships with some of the most active investors in the space, who tend to be unknown to most broker-dealers,” commented Marble. “We are honored to partner with Vertalo and are excited to help bring their compliance and cap table solutions to the global market for digital securities.”