Volabit releases Whatsapp Personal Assistant

Announcements | May 20, 2015 By:

Puerto Vallarta-based Bitcoin startup, Volabit, recently launched a personal assistant for the popular messaging app, WhatsApp.

The service will pay your phone bills, utilities, and other expenses with Bitcoin. Named Jamie, it’s operated by a computer bot and pays bills by deducting bitcoin from the user’s Volabit balance.

Merchant adoption of Bitcoin is still very low in Mexico and Jamie doesn’t just increase the number of services one can spend Bitcoin at in Mexico but also allows them to pay for services vital to a person’s daily life.

The service could also be a way for people in the United States and other countries to send remittances, in the form of paying bills, to their family in Mexico through Jamie.

Jamie charges no fees for topping up your phone credits but takes take 6 pesos plus IVA tax for bill payments.