Walmart Seeks Blockchain Drones Patent

Blockchain, Innovation, News | May 30, 2017 By:
The company’s application was filed May 25 with the US Patent and Trademark Office. The pitch was titled “Unmanned Aerial Delivery to Secure Location,” the application details its plans for an army of flying drones winging their way to your doorstep.
 “In some embodiments, the delivery box may also include a delivery encryption system comprising a blockchain for package tracking and authentication,” said the application. “Package tracking by blockchain may include elements including but not limited to location, supply chain transition, authentication of the courier and customer, ambient temperature of the container, temperature of the product if available, acceptable thresholds for ambient temperature of the product, package contents placed in the container system (products & goods), or a combination thereof.”
Walmart previously announced it was working with IBM to develop a supply chain that focuses on China.