Wasder Announces Partnership with NFT Comic Book Art Collection Alien Samurai Dino Warriors

Announcements, Blockchain, News | March 21, 2022 By:

Wasder, a global gamified social microverse for gamers, has announced its collaboration with Alien Samurai Dino Warriors – an NFT art collection based on an upcoming comic book novel created by Dimitri “Vegas” Thivaios (of chart-topping EDM duo Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike) under mentorship of Michael Uslan, originator and executive producer of the Batman movie franchise, and his son, David Uslan, an expert in the animation and graphic novel field.

Revolving around a group of teen dinosaurs who defend a modern-day Earth through martial arts, Alien Samurai Dino Warriors are armed with glowing weapons that are powered by a mysterious crystal. It will be featured on the upcoming Wasder Battlepass in the Game of Wasder, the gamified portion of the social microverse platform. It allows each person to earn rewards for one month only. The game will offer exclusive rewards only available to Wasder users who participate in the Battlepass. Users will then be able to display their rewards/NFTs on their interactive user profiles, a new way of expressing both themselves and their reward stash in the community.

“For Wasder, this solidifies exactly what we envisioned our Game of Wasder would be – strong, innovative brands and amazing teams connected to them. I grew up on comic books, and to now be able to present a partnership with Dimitri and his team is full circle for me. Our battlepass is featured for a full month, and this is our first exclusive feature we are announcing,” said Thomas Gronnevik, CEO of Wasder. “I think our users will be very happy with the celebratory NFT airdrop we’re doing. The NFTs can of course be shown in our upcoming user profile showroom, together with future features and drops we will do. I also look forward to the streaming challenge with Dimitri and whoever wins the right to challenge him.”

To celebrate the partnership, exclusive NFTs will be “airdropped” to the Wasder and Dino Warrior communities, and users will have a chance to win an interaction with Dimitri and challenge him in a game of his choice. The challenge will be streamed on the Wasder Twitch channel.