Washington’s Franklin County Halts Crypto Mining Applications

News, Regulation | July 31, 2018 By:

The Franklin Public Utility District (PUD) in Washington state has stopped accepting applications for electricity use for cryptocurrency mining and related blockchain operations.

Franklin County’s PUD is a non profit organization that offers electric power distribution services. The organization provides security and commercial lighting, online bill payment and budget payment plan, tree trimming, engineering, energy conservation, and broadband telecommunications services.

Earlier this week, Franklin PUD commissioners approved a moratorium that will allow time for the utility to review the impact of cryptocurrency mining on the electrical system before accepting applications. The moratorium will also allow them to study a proposed rate structure.

With some of the lowest electricity costs in the US, Washington has become a bit of a magnet for crypto miners. However, crypto miners in the state are increasingly falling under the scrutiny of local regulators and power utilities.

Earlier this year, officials from Mason County and Chelan County both enforced similar moratoriums. The two counties decided to implement the freeze in order to consider the effect mining operations have on the local power grid.