WatchData Adds API Support for Polygon Blockchain

Announcements, Blockchain, News | July 27, 2022 By:

TheWatch, a technology company making blockchain seamlessly accessible to developers, has added Polygon support to its flagship product WatchData.

WatchData is a platform that helps web3 developers seamlessly interact with the blockchain. It provides a suite of developer tools, enhanced APIs, and superior infrastructure to drastically simplify building blockchain apps. WatchData turns raw transaction blocks into accessible datasets ready for thorough analysis and research. Companies use WatchData for analytics, portfolio tracking, wallet, and payment services as well as for building DeFi products and dApps for their needs.

Polygon is a Layer-2 solution built to help Ethereum expand in efficiency, security, size, and usefulness. Instead of relying on the classic Proof-of-Work algorithm, Polygon uses Proof-of-Stake. Polygon is EVM-compatible, meaning you can use it just like Ethereum but avoid the low throughput and high transaction fees.

WatchData now lets developers access the Polygon blockchain through its Powered API, extract information and easily build apps on top of it.

According to TheWatch, WatchData is being used by more than 460 companies. In addition to Polygon, WatchData supports Ethereum, Bitcoin, Binance Smart Chain, and Tron where users have access to historical data and data from the node directly.

“We’re excited to make Polygon available to our customers. It has been one of the most popular layer-2 solutions for Ethereum thanks to its fees and compatibility,” said Svyatoslav Dorofeev, CEO of TheWatch. “We made a lot of smart decisions which required upfront investments but since then we can easily implement support for other EVM-compatible chains.”