Waves Platform Joins Microsoft Azure

Announcements, Blockchain, ICO News, Innovation | May 12, 2017 By:

Waves Platform is now available in the Microsoft Azure blockchain-as-a-service cloud (BaaS). Wave’s integration in BaaS enables companies and software developers to offer a wide range of blockchain solutions using the platform.

Microsoft Azure features solutions including ethereum, Chain Core, Corda, Nxt and Lisk, which form a blockchain-as-a-service ecosystem and support the creation of blockchain projects.

The Waves Platform is a decentralized platform for launching crowdfunding campaigns and issuing digital assets. It is the largest blockchain project to originate from Russia. In June 2016, Waves completed its initial coin offering, garnering more than $16 million USD (30,000 BTC) and becoming one of the top three most successful blockchain projects in terms of crowdfunding investment.

Waves seeks to enable easy creation and distribution, trading and asset exchange while leveraging a blockchain backend. Waves is based on a proof-of-stake consensus algorithm, which can help lower the carbon footprint of the more computational intensive proof-of-work models. The system has been designed to simplify getting started with custom tokens, which Microsoft said is a key component in solutions that enterprises are requesting.

“We welcome the integration of the Waves platform in Azure blockchain as a service,” said Microsoft Russia principal technical evangelist Konstantin Goldstein. “It is a platform that enables developers to quickly launch ICO projects (a crowdfunding method), or issue tokens for loyalty programs, to name a few. This new addition to the BaaS pool of platforms contributes to shaping a unique environment for developers and for companies interested in blockchain projects. Blockchain as a service will enable them to set up a blockchain infrastructure in one click, as well as integrate advanced technologies in their projects, such as artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, and so on.”

“Microsoft was one of the first major IT companies to officially acknowledge the potential of blockchain technology,” said Waves Platform CEO Alexander Ivanov. “Azure was designed to offer affordable solutions to companies that, due to their size, wouldn’t have enough resources to launch their own software platforms. Blockchain as a service is a quick, economical, low-risk platform for deploying open blockchain protocols. As an open, flexible and scalable cloud platform, Azure has a lot in common with Waves. We are also looking at new ways of computing, and of making powerful functionality available to end consumers. I believe partnering with Microsoft will enable us to achieve big results.”