WeTrust Spring Fundraising Platform Will Match ETH Donations

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WeTrust Spring, a fundraising platform that allows social entrepreneurs and nonprofits to raise funds via cryptocurrencies, will match 100 percent of every individual’s ETH donations, up to $100k on WeTrust’s part, through Giving Tuesday, Nov. 27.

In conjunction with its donation-matching campaign, WeTrust is unveiling its inaugural partnerships with 14 charitable organizations, whose work ranges from clearing 250,000 marijuana convictions by 2019 to protecting against web censorship and policies that threaten internet privacy.

Anyone holding ETH can visit here to donate to any of the following organizations – with the donation-matching campaign running through Nov. 27.

Prospective donors can read more about each organization and make a donation here.

“We are so excited to help the crypto community to connect with nonprofit organizations that we decided a donation-matching incentive is in order,” WeTrust co-founder and CEO George Li said. “The explosion of cryptocurrency has resulted in rapid growth in crypto donations, and one of the untold stories about the crypto community is that we want to help catalyze positive change. It’s an honor to help our partner organizations continue doing the amazing work they already do.”

WeTrust Spring launched earlier this month with the mission of offering a platform that connects anyone holding cryptocurrency to cause-driven nonprofit organizations, using fundraising as just the beginning of a longer-term, more in-depth relationship. With the market value of cryptocurrency over $200 billion spread over tens of millions of people, there has been rapid growth in crypto donations to various causes, despite the few avenues that exist for making such donations. Cryptocurrency holders and nonprofit organizations don’t currently have a seamless connection to facilitate cryptocurrency donations and engage in related interactions.

“Open Library is all about exploring how we can make the Library work for the people,” said Michael Karpeles, the lead maintainer of Open Library, the world’s largest online, open-source, nonprofit digital public library. “We see ETH donations as an opportunity to improve inclusivity and democratize our bookshelves.”

The WeTrust team is continually looking for partner organizations to feature on the Spring platform. Interested organizations can nominate themselves here.

WeTrust Spring currently accepts cryptocurrency donations only in ETH, but the WeTrust team is looking into introducing the capability to accept donations from any cryptocurrency in the future.

WeTrust’s advisors include ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin, MIT Digital Currency Initiative Senior Advisor Michael Casey, BitGo Chief Technology Officer Benedict Chan, and Cornell University professor and IC3 Co-Director Emin Gün Sirer.