Where To Find The Six Most Popular Crypto Game Genres

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Looking for a crypto game to play but getting lost in the hundreds available? Gameunculus will guide you through this! Here are the most popular genres with their merits and demerits, and some typical representatives of each, to make your choice easier.


Sorry, we cannot ignore them. Collectibles are the earliest (along with lotteries, hot potatoes and gambling), the best-known, and most successful crypto games. And it’s not really a niche genre; any crypto game where you own non-fungible tokens is, in a sense, a collectible. Just like any hot chick on Instagram is a unique snowflake (sorry for that sexist joke in our previous article!). 

If spending money on something you can only admire seems idiotic to you, pure collectibles are not your cup of crypto games. And please, don’t share these hateful thoughts with your granny, regarding her porcelain kitties collection — we’re not responsible for the consequences!

Luckily, lots of collectibles came to their senses and added gameplay. Even CryptoKitties had some addons: kitty hats, kitty races, kitty fights (this one is more like a porn genre though). Today, the height of crypto games consists of complemented collectibles, with few exceptions.

Crypto game examples

  • CryptoKitties — the founder of the genre and the most successful crypto game ever. “Collect and breed digital cats” — that’s the path to success. For Kitties’ devs, of course.
  • CryptoPunks — another pure collectible of 24×24 pixel punks. Not dead, though some of them look a little bit rotten, just like real punks.
  • Blockchain Cuties — a smart ass collectible with cute pets and enhanced gameplay: fights, raid bosses, adventures. 
  • Etheremon — one more game who began as a collectible, and evolved into something greater. Catch your mons, train and evolve them, send them on adventures; you can get a starter slaveholder pack for free!

Pros and cons

  • All you can do with your pure collectibles is trade. And sometimes breed, to increase the number of collectibles and let them take over the world.
  • Some impure (wink, wink) collectibles’ gameplay looks good, so calling a game a “collectible” is not a death sentence. They do have a chance to redeem themselves.
  • Crypto collectibles are hypoallergenic, unlike physical collectibles. Easy to prove! Nobody sneezes from Xtreme Bananas or non-extreme kitties, but flood your place with stuffed animals, antique furnishings or rare books, and you’ll sneeze all the time. Consult your physician before trying!

Card collectibles

The game genre inspired by popular and highly profitable real-life and online card games like Magic: The Gathering and Hearthstone. We call them collectibles, but they aren’t similar to collectibles from the previous point. Take turns to play your cards (spells, characters or boosters) and defeat your opponent; and you better do it smart.

Crypto game examples

  • Steem Monsters — Steem-powered game where you try to reunite the Splinterlands. With a pack of cards, yeah.
  • Gods Unchained — build a deck and win with the help of your god-protector. No god of wine and tits, unfortunately — Gameunculus would love to choose him as his patron saint. 
  • Darkwinds — a pirate card trading game with upcoming tournaments and rival buccaneers. For those who miss the age of ship battles and want to romanticize pirate stuff. 

Pros and cons

  • It’s math and logic, not an idle clicker! You’ll have to be a Professor of Gaming at the Faculty of Digital Cards Battles to learn all the features and compose a proper deck (and to spend a lot as well to get the best cards). 
  • This blockchain game genre has a great potential to become an e-sport. Want to be world famous? Stop posting nudes and inspirational quotes, start playing and streaming!


A virtual world where mad crowds slaughter innocent bots to complete quests, and go to raids to sharpen their wittiness with yo-mama-jokes. Sound exciting? Welcome to MMORPG. On second thought, you should wait a little, cause most crypto games of this kind are still in development.

Crypto game examples

  • Chibi Fighters — this one didn’t actually make it too far from collectibles. Some equipment and weapons, fights, and calling other players on adventures. Let us call the game an RPG in advance.
  • Neon District — not a fantasy game, which is good in itself. Cyberpunk with fine-crafted graphics. In development (sorry!).
  • 9Lives Arena — skills and spells, different warrior art and abilities. And Ooogy, your ugliest companion and minion ever! In development, but already raised $55,000 on Kickstarter!

Pros and cons

  • You can make your character the complete opposite of yourself: extremely powerful, remarkably agile and surprisingly smart. The problem is: where do you get enough points for that?
  • “You don’t understand mum! I can’t save in the middle of a battle!” — your mum won’t trust you and you’ll lose all your progress.
  • While you’re sleeping, your enemy is leveling his character up! He’s not sleeping, not working, not going to the bathroom — just completing quests and raiding wearing a diaper. Not ready to be like him? Then you’ll always be far behind.


Remember playing the first primitive races on your Nintendo or PC with Windows 95? Oh, sorry, you might not be that old. Anyways, driving cars, riding horses or running hurdles to finish first has always been exciting. Well, not on blockchain actually — the games of this genre could be counted with one hand. And you’ll still have some fingers left. 

Crypto game examples

  • nTitle Fury — a retro racing game on blockchain with tokens, boosters and a huge prize pool.
  • CryptoHorse. Cute pet collectibles evolve into rpgs and fighters, while the horse collectible evolved into a racing game — makes sense! 
  • Crypt-oink — pigs have never been that fast! And stylish. Stylish fast pigs can now take part in racing competitions, and watching them running is incredible fun.

Pros and cons

  • Being the best driver in a game won’t improve your driving skills. You better go to a driving school not to hit fences all the time. What’s worse, you’ll scarcely train your swines to run hurdles.
  • More seriously, racing can be rather boring when you play it long, even if devs are not lazy to introduce new features and maps.
  • The stranger, the better – and pig races are perfect at that point. Why not introduce ostrich races, or crabs, or sloth? 

Shooters and Fighters

Shooters and fighters were among the first video games, and they’re still popular. There are not many of them on blockchain, though. Why did we put these two together? Just based on their highest possible cruelty and bloodiness. These are the games that are usually blamed when another guy shoots up his school.

Crypto game examples

  • WAR FIELD — this title we must write with all capitals (their advisor asked us to). The first and the only live tokenized shooter. Highly hypable — just check our blog for mentions. Always something new: game modes, achievements, KYC or withdrawal limits…
  • CryptoFights — a 1×1 3D fighting game, where you have to wait patiently for your opponent to finish his turn before kicking him. Not very realistic, you say? Huh, and do Chibies fighting orcs seem more realistic to you? The game is in development, so you have no chance of playing it right now.
  • Glitch Goons — one more developing game. Mutant animals fighting each other. Mortal Kombat on blockchain? Not exactly, cause the fights are automatic. Free-to-play, and who cares about automatic fights after that?

Pros and cons

  • You can satiate your bloodlust in a socially acceptable way. But you better not tell anybody you even have this bloodlust — claim that these genres just help you develop your reaction skills. 
  • Not many gamers play shooters and fighters on blockchain, so it’s sometimes hard to find an opponent. The WAR FIELD Telegram chat is always flooded with guys looking for someone they could shoot in the game.

Business games

You can also call them simulators, cause they’re the same kind of game as The Sims: simulating house building, simulating getting a decent job, simulating having a happy family… Oh, everything feels so depressing if you think about it!

Crypto game examples

  • ETH.TOWN — a crypto business tower with offices, appartments, mini-games and heroes to level up and develop. 
  • Token Tycoon — a town with various shops and fun places and an army of talented employees to work there and to generate revenue. Devs claim that you can get some real cryptocurrency while playing, but the withdrawal function is not live yet.
  • Mega Crypto Polis — an industrial city where you buy a piece of land to start your business. If you don’t mind paying taxes just like in real life, go ahead and try. 

Pros and cons

  • You can, for once in your life, feel like the king of the world and own a successful business.
  • Unfortunately, your game skills will hardly help you create real businesses or develop your already existing hot dog stand.

Too many variants, and all of them seem pretty exciting to you? Still can’t decide which crypto game genre to choose? Coooool, stay tuned and Gameunculus will help you with that using the latest psychological tools, his deepest understanding of crypto games, and an inexhaustible flow of jokes.