Why I Fell in Love With Crypto – A Valentine’s Day Story

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It’s your first date. You do your research and cyber-stalk your date to find out everything you can about them. As your confidence builds, you boldly step into a new relationship and catch yourself flirting with an entire world that is unbeknown to you. Fast forward a year and here you are absolutely head over heels for a ledger system, set in place by a passionate and dedicated community. Although there are some rough patches and FUD along the way, you realize that no relationship is perfect; it endures trials and tribulations through every dip. You learn and grow from each other. Is this love?

The reasons why one might fall in love with cryptocurrency are quite clear. Ask yourself in any relationship what makes the admiration stronger and you’ll see. The best relationships thrive when kept collaborative, trustworthy, interesting, responsible and independent. It’s exactly why one might catch themselves in a life-long relationship with crypto, because it gives the user a sense of freedom, excitement, and peace of mind.


One of the most unique features of blockchain is the fact that it is not owned by one entity, or even a select few, but rather the entire community who wants it to be successful. Network participants include everyone from developers, organizations, even the users themselves. All of us who choose to participate in this system are looking to expand, improve, and strengthen the framework as a whole.

Bitcoin was the first to show us that there can be an entirely new way to develop open networks of distributed ledgers. Fast-forward to today and we see more open-source crypto projects than ever before, all working together toward a common goal. The entire system works because of this collaborative effort of individuals from all over the world.

Trustful (Private).

The beauty of blockchain is that the entire system is built on trust. Who wouldn’t want a relationship that is built solely on trust? With a decentralized ledger, any actor in the system is able to verify and know exactly where their funds will be going, when they will arrive, and who exactly will be receiving them. Since the system is private — unless you give up your keys! — it enables you to remain anonymous and reduce any sort of fraudulent activity on your end. You have the freedom to know exactly where your investments are and can withdraw at any time. There’s no need to go through a bank or third party to do what you can do yourself.

But wait, it gets even better. There’s even crypto now that is integrating zero-knowledge proofs for security, which is a way to authenticate where no passwords have to be in exchange and the means of your communication with another person is so secure that no one can find out what you are actually sharing. Secrets make a relationship more interesting and fun right?


Some of the brightest minds in the world are coming together to build something they all genuinely believe can change the world. Cryptocurrency is at the intersection of economics, computer science, politics, and design. There are many elements for the user to explore, even topics beyond their knowledge that keeps them on their toes and coming back for more.

Real innovators in crypto cannot be lazy; they must do their homework in order to be successful. If a person is genuinely curious, then their innate desire to gain new knowledge will become evident. Rather than sit back and let things happen to them, they become involved in the process. These are the people that will always keep things interesting, fun and never boring.


Imagine for a second a world in which you could not only send an email to someone in another corner of the world, but you could instantly send them a form of payment in a matter of seconds. This immediate payment could be for family, friends, or even a person you’ve never met before but are looking to do business with.

Since the system cuts out all middlemen and third parties, all expenses that are normally incurred by these people are removed when using blockchain. This means that

participants save on fees, time, and energy it would normally take away with these intermediaries. No one has to worry about getting “cheated on” because every transaction is transparent, and all risks become eliminated putting the responsibility back into your own hands.

Independent (not controlling).

Blockchain technology shows us everyone has the opportunity to participate if they choose. There are means of “making” money beyond just showing up to a 9-5. Run a mining rig, share your data, or even sell digital assets such as collectibles online. Every person who has a WiFi connection has the ability to participate in the system. There are no longer any individuals who control the way that you interact with the world.


Looking back with fond memories of the first transaction you made and the first time you signed with your private key. You smile thinking of each day that you hodl them and look to buidl the future together. It’s a match made in heaven. The memories of your past relationships with fiat fade and in wanders the new love and admiration for cryptocurrency.

The crypto crush is real and isn’t leaving anytime soon. The reasons why one falls in love with blockchain become more apparent every day and continue to grow as the technology matures. What are the reasons that made you fall in love with cryptocurrency?

Kyra Yamamoto is a Growth Marketing Expert at Multiplied, a blockchain marketing and PR agency based in San Francisco. Kyra delivers powerful insights, fresh perspectives and clairvoyant foresight in this nascent industry. She is experienced in strategy, influencer relations and community building, and she has worked with some of the top brands in the space.