ZEBEDEE Wallet Now ZEBEDEE App, a Bitcoin Gaming Portal and Wallet

Announcements, News | March 3, 2022 By:

ZEBEDEE has launched a new iOS and Android ZEBEDEE app to replace its existing wallet-only app.

ZEBEDEE is a fintech focused on providing bitcoin services for the gaming industry. Its sophisticated tools enable developers to create bitcoin-powered games and communities for players, and erase the boundaries between real and virtual economies by powering game titles with the world’s largest cryptocurrency.

The new ZEBEDEE app is intended as a one-stop shop for anyone interested in bitcoin gaming, with the opportunity to earn real bitcoin simply by playing games that can be found right inside the app. Gamers can also access the latest bitcoin gaming news, announcements, guides and events as well as connect with the quickly growing bitcoin gaming community. Users will be able to launch games directly from the app and use their associated ZBD login to join online bitcoin games as well.

“We started ZEBEDEE to make it as easy as possible for developers to add bitcoin to their games, but also make finding and playing those games feel completely intuitive and easy for the user,” said André Neves, ZEBEDEE co-founder and CTO. “The Lightning wallet functionality is still a very integral component, of course, but it’s only part of the story. And this story is not about finance, it’s about gaming, content creation, empowering communities and creating interoperability between different virtual worlds. There are three billion gamers in the world today. We’re not trying to get them to use finance apps. Instead, we’re building payments features seamlessly into apps that put gaming, connecting and fun first.”

The significance of this shift is compounded by the fact that the ZEBEDEE Wallet was one of the most full-featured and widely adopted wallets on the market. Although cryptocurrency wallets have so far been an app category of their own, ZEBEDEE has turned that paradigm on its head by introducing a gaming app that seamlessly incorporates payments functionality as a supporting feature to empower players of bitcoin games. Unlike finance and cryptocurrency apps, ZEBEDEE is placing gaming features centerstage.