Zilliqa, ChainSecurity Partner To Improve Blockchain Security

Blockchain, News | September 19, 2019 By:

Blockchain startup Zilliqa has teamed with blockchain security provider ChainSecurity to develop a host of security tools and resources for the Zilliqa ecosystem.

Created by researchers at the National University of Singapore, Zilliqa aims to solve the issue of scalability of blockchains. Zilliqa’s platform is designed to scale to thousands of transactions per second. It is tailored towards enabling secure data-driven decentralized apps, designed to meet the scaling requirements of machine learning and financial algorithms.

ChainSecurity provides security services and develops custom security solutions for blockchain projects. It identifies security vulnerabilities and verifies the functional correctness of mission-critical smart contracts, blockchain platforms, and protocols, aided by their state-of-the-art security tools. ChainSecurity is a spin-off from the ICE Centre, a leading R&D lab focused on blockchain security at top-ranking European university ETH Zurich.

The goal of the partnership is to address the need for greater security standards and infrastructures in the blockchain industry. ChainSecurity will be developing an extensible static analysis framework that will allow developers to identify security and correctness issues by automatically analyzing the source code of their programs. The framework will reportedly support state-of-the-art control-flow, data-flow, and information-flow analyses, which are important prerequisites to verifying non-trivial security properties.

“The collaboration between the ChainSecurity and Zilliqa teams dates back to 2017 when we first conducted a security audit of the Zilliqa token,” said Dr. Petar Tsankov, Chief Scientist and Co-Founder of ChainSecurity. “We look forward to further collaborating with the Zilliqa team and bringing our knowledge in building advanced security tools to the Zilliqa ecosystem.”

As part of the partnership, ChainSecurity will also introduce a security scanner that will enable developers to identify generic security vulnerabilities as well as design issues arising from poor coding practises. The security scanner will reportedly be extensible, allowing the Zilliqa community to easily add more relevant security checks and vulnerability patterns over time in order to establish best practises for smart contract development.

Amrit Kumar, President and Chief Scientific Officer of Zilliqa said that from Scilla, a programming language designed with smart contract safety in mind, to their mainnet and smart contracts launch, security has underscored all areas of technical development at Zilliqa.

“For the past two years, ChainSecurity has played a key role in bolstering our network,” Kumar said. “As we continue to grow, these tools will help us proactively address any potential vulnerabilities along the way. Moving towards developing enterprise-grade solutions, we believe such collaborations will provide support to our growing community and enterprise partners whilst establishing a higher benchmark of security standards across the industry.”