Zmart Group to allow users to buy bitcoin at grocery stores in Mexico

Investing | May 23, 2016 By:

Zmart Group announced it is bringing bitcoin to its cellphone top-up reseller network, which will allow users to buy bitcoin in grocery stores in Mexico.

The service will use the platform of Bitso, one of the leading Bitcoin Exchanges in the Central American country. Christian Sandoval, founder of Zmart Group, said that with the integration of the platforms, buying Bitcoin will be as easy as to walk down to a grocery store, ask the clerk for a specific amount of Bitcoin, pay him, and reply to an SMS asking for your Bitcoin wallet address.

“What we want is to bring Bitcoin to the general public. You do not need a credit card to make transactions and virtually anyone can access the currency of the digital era,” said Sandoval.

Zmart Group is a a Mexican startup.