Atlantis to adopt Bitcoin as its official currency

Announcements | December 16, 2015 By:

Joby Weeks, the prime minister of Pontinha, a small micronation off the coast of Portugal, which is also in middle of naming itself Atlantis, announced that the country will officially adopt Bitcoin as its national currency.

If that does happen, Bitcoin could show that widespread use and adoption is viable.

Among the potential of this sovereign state is the possibility of setting up a banking branch and anchor to corporations that can legally represent cryptocurrency-fueled companies across the world and cyberspace.

Atlantis hosts an old Templar Fort that used to belong to the king of Portugal over 100 years ago. Before the fall of the monarchy, he sold the island to a British family of Templar lineage, who held the island in trust for over a century. The British family in turn sold it to a Portuguese art teacher who now goes by the name of Prince D. Renato Barros.