Australia’s Digital Transformation Agency Issues Guidance For Govt Agencies On Blockchain

News | February 12, 2019 By:

Australia’s Digital Transformation Agency (DTA) has published the results of its research program to examine blockchain’s potential to securely share and exchange information across government.

Last year, the government of Australia allocated $700,000 AUD ($521,000 USD) for DTA to explore the use of blockchain technology for government services. The agency researched how blockchain is being used around the world in public and private sectors as well as existing case studies from Australian government agencies.

According to the DTA, their findings are consistent with the recommendations of other jurisdictions – such as the US Government agency, National Institute for Standards and Technology – international organizations and leading analyst firms, such as Gartner.

“Our team found that blockchain is still an emerging technology and, when applied to various pilots or considered against alternative technologies, gaps become evident across both the technical and business facets of its implementation,” the DTA said. “We recommend agencies considering technical solutions focus on addressing the needs of users and explore solutions to meet that need.”

In its Blockchain overview: Australian Government guide, the agency said that blockchain is only one of a number of data storage and exchange solutions, and other proven alternatives are ready for immediate use. It added that using more mature solutions allows agencies to move beyond the experimentation or prototyping to real-world applications.

“Blockchain technology is still new and should be investigated with the mindset of “how could blockchain technology potentially benefit us?” rather than “how can we make our problem fit into the blockchain technology paradigm?”. Organizations should treat blockchain technology like they would any other technological solution at their disposal and use it in appropriate situations.”