AuthentaTrade raises $32M in VC funding

Investing | December 29, 2015 By:

Costas Inc. recently acquired AuthentaTrade, providing the company with an injection of 32 mil. USD to its business plan.

“AuthentaTrade wants to offer free deposit insurance, liquidity in both legacy and digital currencies, along with convenient payment options for both consumers and retailers. Our goal is to build, acquire, and connect multiple technologies to offer individuals and businesses a compelling suite of Bitcoin-related products and services for trading and payments,” said AuthentaTrade.

“AuthentaTrade has a very strong team in place, with many connections to being able to scale quickly by leveraging these relationships, Dennis Karenga, CEO of Costas Inc. told CT. According to him Cyprus is a very efficient jurisdiction from both a regulatory and staffing perspective.

AuthentaTrade is a Cyprus based Bitcoin exchange.