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Beauregard Leaving GoCoin for Bloq

Announcements, Blockchain, News | March 14, 2017 By:

Veteran technology executive Steve Beauregard is stepping down as CEO of GoCoin. He will take on a new role as Chief Revenue Officer at startup Bloq.

Beauregard confirmed the move, which will take place “over the coming weeks,” he said.

His departure comes with the news of an anticipated sale of the GoCoin company, a deal that is expected to close by the end of this year’s second quarter. “I will continue to work at the board level and to assist in the due diligence process,” Beauregard said.  “I began the transition out of day-to-day GoCoin operations some months back. However, I have continued to advise management and direct inquiries to the proper people.”

The GoCoin acquiring company has not been revealed.

GoCoin is a boutique payment processor that allows merchants to accept bitcoin and other digital currencies via an online platform. This allows customers to pay with their choice of currencies and permits merchants to accept receivables in their preferred form. Beauregard was a co-founder.

Bloq is a startup that calls itself a “Red Hat for blockchain,” a nod to the open-source software Red Hat.

The firm is working on what it terms an “engagement layer” that will use open-source blockchain technology to allow firms to accept payments from multiple digital currencies and blockchains.

Beauregard founded GoCoin in 2013, which quickly grew into one of the world’s highest-volume blockchain payment companies, processing over $75M since launch of service in early 2014. GoCoin was featured as the “Hottest LA Startup” in Entrepreneur magazine in 2014.  GoCoin was also one of three companies in the sector to ink a deal with PayPal.

Prior to GoCoin, Beauregard had a diverse technology career, developing mobile apps, e-commerce and Fintech solutions for such enterprise companies as DIRECTV, BlackBerry, AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon, Honda, Lionsgate Films, CAA, IBM and Microsoft.