Bitcoin advocacy group Coin Center raises $1 million for 2017 operations

Investing | February 28, 2017 By:

Washington, DC-based non-profit research and advocacy group Coin Center has raised over $1 million to fund its 2017 operations.

Contributing to the latest round of donations were a group of existing supporters and some new ones, including industry startups Abra, Bitso, ConsenSys, Lightning, OB1, Ripple, ShapeShift and SolidX, as well as a number of undisclosed individuals.

Its executive chief, Jerry Brito, indicated that the funding is used in part to further promote the advocacy efforts of the organization it represents, CoinCenter. Another collection will be held in New York in May, which will be held in conjunction with CoinDesk Consensus 2017, the annual Blockchain industry conference.

“Your support of Coin Center – at any level – keeps our work going and helps keep the technology free and open. Thanks to all our current and future supporters,” said Brito.