Bitcoin crowdfunding startup the Sun Exchange raises $60k

Investing | September 29, 2016 By:

The Sun Exchange has raised US$60,000 from Silicon Valley firm BoostVC. The US$60,000 will be used to build its team.

Founder Abraham Cambridge and his team are putting together a working demo of the world’s first commercially viable solar energy smart-contract system, and will then be seeking seed capital of US$1.2million.

“The financial investment affords us world class software developers and an A-grade legal team. But financial aside, the most valuable part of the transaction is the four months in Silicon Valley attending BoostVC, establishing ourselves in the world’s leading tech scene. It gives us utmost credibility and confirmation that what we are doing is leading edge trail blazing stuff,” said Cambridge.

The Sun Exchange is a South African based marketplace that crowdfunds small-scale solar projects using digital currencies such as bitcoin.