Bitcoin futures and options exchange Deribit announces zero-fee trading through end of year

Investing | November 4, 2016 By:

Deribit announced it has removed all trading fees for the rest of 2016 as part of a promotion to drive more customers to the service.

“We want to introduce our platform to anyone interested in Bitcoin futures and options trading. So we decided to offer free trading until the end of the year,” said Deribit CMO Marius Jansen.

According to the exchange, traders stand to make more profit on the platform now that fees have been removed, which they think will incentivize people to use their service.

Few key features of Deribit trading platform includes: trading plain vanilla European style cash-settled options on the Deribit BTC index with margin; trading BTC futures that settle on the Deribit BTC index, with up to 20x leverage; allowance for placing volatility orders, where the Deribit price engine continuously updates the price of the order as to keep the implied volatility of the order fixed.