Bitcoin Lightning Network creator Tadge Dryja joins MIT’s Digital Currency Initiative

Announcements | February 7, 2017 By:

MIT announced that Tadge Dryja, one of two authors behind the white paper that spawned bitcoin’s much-anticipated Lightning payment network, has officially joined its Digital Currency Initiative.

Dryja will now work full-time at the famed technical university’s cryptocurrency and blockchain research effort – a division of its larger MIT Media Lab – where he will serve as a research scientist. (The MIT DCI also funds core bitcoin developers as part of a separate program under its management.)

Dryja is now working out of MIT’s main office in Cambridge, Massachusetts, where he said he’s active in educating undergraduates on digital currencies and fostering their interest in the technology.

Dryja said he is continuing to work on the Lightning Network, which has advanced since its 2015 proposal and is now being actively developed by a handful of global bitcoin startups and developer groups.