Bitcoin Proponent Max Keiser Predicts XRP’s Doom as SEC Lawsuit Continues

News | June 21, 2023 By:

Max Keiser, a prominent Bitcoin supporter, has shared his opinion on the legal battle between Ripple and the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) over the status of XRP.

In a tweet today, Keiser said Ripple would lose its case against the SEC. He claimed that the lawsuit was not about the law but about the fate of XRP. He said XRP was doomed from the start, and SEC Chair Gary Gensler was just finishing the job.

“As I keep telling you guys, the SEC swept away the independent ‘crypto’ exchanges & players, to make room for BlackRock, Wisdom Tree, Fidelity, etc. to get into #Bitcoin,” said Keiser. “XRP ain’t gonna win their case. This was never about the law. XRP was marked for death and Gary’s job is to take it out.”

Moreover, Keiser said El Salvador had made a big step toward ending “all this nonsense” by adopting Bitcoin as a legal tender, while everything else is considered unregistered securities.

Keiser, an outspoken figure who has a strong bias toward Bitcoin, has been a harsh critic of altcoins, especially XRP. He has repeatedly called the sixth-largest cryptocurrency a “sh*tcoin.” He has also supported the SEC in claiming that XRP is a security in its legal action against Ripple. In addition to XRP, Keiser regards other crypto assets as “sh*tcoins and securities.”

Keiser never misses an opportunity to mock the XRP community whenever the SEC takes action against crypto. After the SEC labeled ADA, BNB, SOL, and MATIC, among others, as unregistered securities earlier this month, Keiser tweeted, “Sorry XRP idiots” while attaching a photo of him wearing a Bitcoin-themed T-Shirt with the inscription “I told you so.”