Bitcoin services provider BitX rebrands as Luno

Announcements | January 18, 2017 By:

BitX has now been rebranded as Luno, but the firm remains committed to its cryptocurrency base. Along with the announcement, the company is launching a number of new products.

‘Luno’ is a direct nod to a popular expression in the bitcoin community: “To the moon!”, one that reflects the company’s continued focus and mission to aid in bitcoin adoption, the startup says.

“Our new brand and product offerings are better aligned with this vision and will help drive our mission of bringing bitcoin to everyone, everywhere,” said Marcus Swanepoel, CEO of Luno.

Luno will also be launching a new web-app as well as new versions of the BitX Android and iOS apps.

The company has announced it will be beta testing the ability to purchase bitcoin from anywhere in the world using credit or cards.

Along with the rebrand and launch of new products, Luno has also set up offices in London and will be building their presence in the UK over the next year. This falls in line with its global strategy to become the world’s premier digital currency brand.