Bitcoin Unlimited announces bitcoin research grant program

Announcements | October 11, 2016 By:

Bitcoin Unlimited announced it is making new funding available for research.

The team at Bitcoin Unlimited said it had several hundred thousand dollars available to help fund work to restore Satoshi’s vision of making bitcoin a global, peer-to-peer currency. In the past, Bitcoin Core has shot criticism towards Bitcoin Unlimited, in part because Bitcoin Core has lobbied for implementation of top-of-the-line networks that stretch bitcoin’s functionality without altering the current blockchain set of rules.

“The length of proposals should be commensurate with the amount of funding sought. For example, a 2 to 3 page proposal might be suitable for a project requesting $3000, whereas 10 or more pages might be needed for a project requesting $100,000,” said Bitcoin Unlimited.

Areas where Bitcoin Unlimited is seeking submissions include longer-term scaling initiatives; incremental scaling improvements; empirical studies; quality control; and outreach.

Bitcoin Unlimited is a peer-to-peer electronic cash system.