Bitmain launches its latest open source bitcoin mining pool

Announcements | September 16, 2016 By:

Bitmain Technologies Limited announced the launch of a new open source mining pool. The new mining pool is part of, the company’s Bitcoin block explorer, analytics tools and wallet services arm.

The mining pool’s software monitors other pools and blocks in real time, allowing miners to quickly move to a new block when one gets solved by another pool. This extra efficiency should result in solving more blocks overall from the pool’s hash power.

“We hope that this open-source mining pool will set new benchmarks in terms of stability, efficiency, and service for all mining pools,” said Nisthant Sharma, international marketing manager at Bitmain.

The pool’s network, reportedly able to manage 180,000 workers, gives it the ability to grow easily, as miners connect. While new nodes go through the deployment process, miners can expect a temporary delay in the reported hash rate of the pool.

Bitmain Technologies Limited is a bitcoin mining hardware manufacturer.